kinda forgot about that camera recording me all day

oh well

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look at my shirt
look at it

it’s a really boring monday i almost wish the phone would ring

omfg 3 dayoffs in a row!!?? Hello internet hello my dear friends

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I have guests reserving rooms for Christmas and New Year’s Eve etc but what is wrong with these people, knowing where they want to be on 2nd January 20goddamn15 when I don’t even know what I’ll have for breakfast tomorrow

I already perfected my poker face where hotel guests think I’m sending out emails and reserving rooms but I’m honestly just playing candy crush

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so it has been an interesting week so far and i can’t wait for the rest

As I have posted before, from since the beginning of July, a little 3 star hotel has been interviewing and calling me etc, telling me “We think that you’re the one we should hire, please be patient until we make a decision, we have a lot of people to interview blablabla.”

I was patient for 3 goddamn weeks, not applying for any other jobs as I was pretty sure I’d get this one.

Aaand then on Sunday, they called me with the usual “We talked things through with the management and unfortunately you are not thr chosen one but we will keep your cv and call you if we have an available position in the future blabla” I was like mhmkaybye then hung up then cried a river to the family and boyfriend then I was like “Ok fuck you I hope you burn in hell” and applied for 2 other jobs via email. A day later a 4 star hotel called me in for an interview for yesterday.

It all went great, they said they liked me as I am friendly and talkative and cute and speak English and have all the knowledge they are looking for and I am among the best candidates so they want me to come back on Friday at 8 for a “try-out” job. Yahaayy (btw the first place never complemented or said anything that made me feel not like a nobody pfft)

Then the dear first shithole hotel calls me in the evening with a “Well uh the person we wanted to hire stepped back so are you still interested”
I answer with a “Yeah well I’m going to another place on Friday but yeah sure”

So today I’m going to that place from 11 to 3 to “learn the basics” (wtf are you talking about I’ve been doing that for tha past 2 years)

I can’t wait to get hired to the other one and then call them with a “Sorry but unfortunately I got a better offer” muhahahaah

My sister suggests me to stand on top of the stairs and sing “The World is not Enough” James Bond theme and then leave ahahaha

I can’t wait


typical jungsis 

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wow i did not get the job

who the fuck calls someone on a perfect sunday afternoon with news like that
fuck you